WiLD Studios is the short-form production arm of multi award-winning wildlife and documentary filmmakers, Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ). In line with global consumer trends of authenticity, raw humanity and a return to nature, WiLD Studios celebrates the magnificence of our natural planet, with the mission of strengthening connections between brands, nature and wildlife. Whether it’s Antarctica, Mainland China, Siberian Desert or the Amazon, we can make it happen. With remote production crews experienced in cinematic 4k filming to international broadcast standards.

Headed up by international brand marketer and executive producer Carolyn Managh, WiLD Studios produces cinematic short-form content or campaigns – anything from 30 seconds to 30 minutes –  alongside NHNZ’s remote production crews located in key wildlife destinations around the world.

We love what we do. We love wildlife. And it shows.


WiLD uses NHNZ’s production units located in key wildlife and stunning nature destinations. Mainland China, Siberian Desert, Brazil, Sahara Desert, the Amazon Jungle – wherever you can imagine, we’re there. We have fixers for most locations, with great local knowledge and connections. Even in Antarctica.

WiLD doesn't just film wildlife. Our remote production units are experienced across genres. All crews are experienced in producing cinematic 4K to international broadcast standards.

By tapping into NHNZ's longstanding relationships with conservation NGOs and Governments, WiLD has unprecedented access to film locations that may often be difficult to access.

4K gear and experience to film in even the most extreme conditions; from -45°C temperatures in Antarctica to deep sea diving in the Pacific Ocean.

Experienced in producing episodic content. We can leverage NHNZ's relationships with major networks around the world to negotiate distribution deals when needed.

Large team of editing and sound technicians experienced in large cinematic productions. 

WiLD Studios HQ is based in the South Island of New Zealand; renowned for its adventurous spirit, tussock-clad ridges, world-class wines and the kind of dramatic scenery that made the country a movie star.